Vision Mission and Objectives

Developing Institutional Ethos with a focus on Vitalizing Teaching – Learning Process, Functional Relationship with Schools, Professional Development of Teachers with Research Orientation.


To serve society at large by providing Effective and Productive Teachers

Intellectual Objectives

  1. To develop various cognitive skills like critical thinking, problem-solving etc.
  2. To provide facilities for cognitive development such as ICT, Reading materials etc.

Academic Objectives

  1. To make curriculum transaction psychologically, sociologically, technologically effective.
  2. To provide quality teacher education.
  3. To nurture scientifi c and research aptitude, temperament and culture among the student teachers.
  4. To produce skilled and effective teachers for the society.
  5. To develop competencies and favourable attitudes towards teaching profession.

Training Objectives

  1. To infuse commitment among student- teachers with respect to learner and excellence towards teaching profession.
  2. To enable the student- teachers to handle technologically advanced teaching
    learning equipments and media.
  3. To equip the student- teachers with modern strategies of teaching and develop creativity among them regarding preparation and usage of Audio Visual aids.
  4. To enable trainees to become competent in the use of IT in curriculum transaction.
  5. To equip the trainees with advanced knowledge and skills of teaching.
  6. To prepare and develop the fi nest leaders in the educational institutions of tomorrow.

Access to the Disadvantaged Objectives

  1. To develop the sense for involvement with disadvantaged section of society.

Equity Objectives

  1. To infuse equal opportunities for all student- teachers for development of personality.

Self-development Objectives

  1. To develop a sense of discipline among student teachers by specifying the code of conduct inclusive of punctuality, uniform and institutionally approved behaviors.
  2. To pursue continuously for the improvement in their own quality of life and professional skills without any external motivation/pressure.
  3. To sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the country.

Community and National Development Objectives

  1. To develop value oriented vision in order to lead a balanced and progressive life
  2. To enable the student-teachers to be aware of the national problems and to contribute towards the solution of those problems.
  3. To develop secular, social and democratic attitude among trainees.

Ecology and Environment Objectives

  1. To sensitize students for environmental and ecological problem.
  2. To prepare students to protect the environment.

Value Orientation Objectives

  1. To provide value-based education and opportunities to the student- teachers to help them to face challenges of life.
  2. To promote morality among the students.
  3. To develop a sense of team spirit.

Employment Objectives

  1. To help toplace the student- teachers in suitable educational institutions.
  2. To help the student- teachers in solving the job related problems while in service (Vocational guidance)

Global trends and demands Objectives

  1. To promote awareness of the global issues and trends.
  2. To prepare students for innovative society
  3. To enhance personal success.
  4. To prepare student for global society.
  5. To provide opportunities for all round development of individuals.
  6. To prepare students for changing demands of global society.