Q1. How can I get admission of my child in your school?
A: Parents can procure form online / offline.
Q2.      What are the documents required while submitting form for admission process?
A: The list of documents required with form is displayed in our website and it will also be available on notice boards of our all campus.

Q3.      What is the token number/Transaction ID?
A: It is the unique number generated while applying online admission form, which is actually a token/ transaction ID that will be shown to the school to get the Admission form personally.
Q4.      What is the next procedure after form receiving?
A:         The instructions of forms filling, attachments required and other information will be available while receiving the forms physically. The same is being also displayed on our website
Q5.       How much forms I can book?
A:         A parent is entitled to get only single form. Parent can avail multiple forms only in case of twin children or children belonging to different classes.
Q6.       For which classes admissions are opened.
A:         The information of admission available classes’ branch wise is available on our website
Q7.       My child does not have aadhar card. Is this mandatory and will it affect next admission process of my ward?
A:         Providing Aadhar number of child is optional. However, it is recommended to enroll for Aadhar as Govt. of India provides number of facilities, which can only be obtained through Aadhar card. 
Q8.       I have the admission form (through Online or Offline). Is my ward is now admitted in the school?
A:         No, procurement of admission form does not guarantee the admission. It is just the initial step towards admission of the child.
Q9.       Can I apply online admission form through mobile?
A:         Yes, you can apply through online, but Computer is recommended with good internet speed.
Q10.     I want admission of my ward in one particular campus only. Is that possible?
A:         No, selection will be done according to the availability of the seats in the particular class, subject to availability of the transport & other admission criteria’s. It is mandatory to fill 2 choices of the campus to get the admission.