From a nascent institution started in hutments, Innocent Hearts Educational Empire, today known as Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions (IHGI) is an incredible saga of dauntless courage. Innocentites strive to maintain the standards of Quality Education. We have been making strategies to make the teaching process more dynamic, more vibrant and of course, modern.

Today, all over the country, the pressure to succeed academically is making the lives of many children unbearable and stressful. This is definitely not the aim of education. The buzz words in academic circles are value based education and ethics based society, but values are not taught, lectured or professed, they need to be demonstrated so that they can be imbibed by the children. I reiterate that school and home, teachers and parents must complement each other. Though the role of home and parents is the first and foremost in shaping the personality of children. We- the Innocent Hearts Group of Institutes are fully aware of our duty and responsibility towards the children entrusted to our care and we appreciate and praise the learning efforts of our children. We strive to develop an inquisitive and exploring mind in our students. We believe that every child is a master piece in the making. Teachers and professors are creating a congenial environment for intellectual and emotional growth, and Innocent Hearts is synonymous with such efforts.