College Library

Among learning resources, the college has library equipped with proper storing and seating arrangements. The library is fundamental learning resource centre. This is equipped with computer and internet facilities. It is in the process of developing its database. The library is open on all working days including autumn, winter and summer break so that students and teachers could use it maximally. The faculty members guide research work of M.Ed. students of other universities to facilitate research.

The students are given training to consult library, to locate appropriate references to an assigned topic, to locate and manage information through internet, to consult educational journals and abstracts, to maintain scrap books and to compile information from different documents etc.

The library provides various facilities to the staff and students of the college viz., current awareness service, community service, Reprographic service, Internet facility and Book Bank Facility.

Sections in Library

Stack 1 (General Section): The stack 1 contains general books, which are issued for 14 days.
2. Stack 2: The Stack II Contains textbooks, which can be issued only for 5 days from Textbook Section.
3. Reference Section: This section contains encyclopedia, dictionaries, biographies, atlases, and other books, which can be consulted in the reference section only. The books from this section cannot be issued.
4. Book Bank Section: This section contains textbooks, which are issued to needy and deserving students for the whole session. Applications will be called separately for loan of such books. This section also includes text books for students which will be issued in teaching practice.
5. Information Resource Centre for Student.
6. Information Resource Centre For Teachers

Library Services

The library provides various services to its clientele: –
1. Reference Service.
2. Question Bank.
3. Circulation: Issue Return Service.
4. Syllabus Bank.
5. Audio service for the visually handicapped.
6. Book Bank Service.
7. Open Access: The members have the privilege of open access to the bookshelves and freedom to browse the books during the Library Working Hours.
8. Internet Service.

List of Journals
1. Edutracks
2. Researcher’s Tandem
3. Gyanodaya
4. Education Sector
5. Quest in Education
6. Journal of Educational Planning &Amp; Administration
7. Primary Teachers
8. Abstract of Sikh Studies
9. Indian Educational Review
10. Bhartya Adhunik Shiksha
11. Prathmik Shikshak
12. University News
13. International Journal of Yoga
14. Abhigyan
15. Indian Journal of Psychology and Mental Health
16. Journal of All India Association For Education Research
17. Anweshika
18. Journal of Comunity Guidance &Amp; Research
19. School Science
20. Pragati’s English Journa
List of magazines
1. Tell me why
2. Education world
3. Digital learning
4. Reader,s digest
5. The week
6. G.k. refresher
7. Down to earth
8. Vikas jagriti
9. Sanjh
10 . Mathematics today
11 . Physics today
12. Biology today
13. Chemistry today
List of newspapers
1 . The tribune
2 . Hindustan times
3 . Times of india
4. Employment news
5. Ajit
6. Punjabi tribune
7. Denik bhasker
8. Dainik jagran
9. Dainik sawera
10. Jag bani

Timings of the LIbrary

Library is open- Monday to Saturday 8.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M