The management of Bowry Memorial Educational and Medical Trust finds it a great honour to welcome you all to join the family of Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions.
          It just feels like yesterday when we started as “Innocent Hearts” and now we have evolved into this great group of  educational institutions.
The “Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions” students has been initiated with the goal of creating quality citizen as assets of our society. I feel proud to state that in a short span of time, our sincere efforts have fructified and have fetched us various accolades in the field of both academics and co-curricular activities.
         These feathers in our coronet are testimony to the fact that we are headed in the right direction and hence, I congratulate the principals of the IHGI and staff for their relentless, successful endeavours. I sincerely envisage that the new members will not fail in keeping up with this glorious tradition.
         My dearest students .. don’t forget that it is only fire that makes fine gold and hence, never shy away from putting in hard work in whichever venture you take up in life. Innocent Hearts teaches its students to face the constantly swelling challenges of the 21 st century with utter gumption and tenacity. We believe in carving the students into rocks which can weather any and every storm that faces them in their professional as well as personal lives. The perfect equilibrium of skills, competence and consistency makes our students thrive in this extremely competitive modern arena.
         The values and ethics that the students imbibe during their learning process make sure that the teachers lead a life of dignity while executing their professional responsibilities.
         Hold a high head and strut on this patch of progress with complete confidence in oneself. Success will shadow your footsteps. I pray and wish all the success to my students and the future responsible citizen of our nation’s growth story.
Dr. Romesh Sood
Bowry Memorial Educational and Medical Trust